Honorary member of ECO Bacau Asc, senior photographer for Lifeographies.com & Pavalache.com Studio, photo editor and senior photographer for Dreamstime.com Agency – Stock Photography (Dreamstime LLC United States).

Pavalache Stelian Nicolae was born in 1976 in Urziceni, Romania and is currently working as a documentary movie maker, photographer, programming engineer, web developer & graphic designer in BernSwitzerland as Founder of Pavalache.com,  Lifeographies.com & Satwaguna.com

Founder and developer of the Satwa Guna (illusion of forms) international project, the only major worldwide project in which photography catches the unity in diversity of universal spirituality.Working as a freelancer photographer for about 15 years on assignments with:

Online portfolio

  • www.pavalache.com – Main web site.
  • www.lifeographies.com -Lifeographies Stock Agency is a fresh and reliable supplier of high quality digital images at affordable prices.
  • www.satwaguna.com –  SatwaGuna Project website

Working as a freelancer Moviemaker for about 9 years.

  • Moviemaker & video editor for “NexComp Himalaya Expedition 2004”, Kazakhstan (broadcast on TVR & Antena1 TV channels).
  • Moviemaker & video editor for documentary movie “Qeuchua People”, Peru 2005 (broadcast on Tvr1Tvr2Tvr Cultural & Tvr International TV channel).
  • Moviemaker & video editor for documentary movie “Shimshali People”, Pakistan started in 2010 (in work).
  • Moviemaker & video editor for documentary movie “Life as it is”, India (Leh, Ladakh) started in 2008 (in work)

Exhibitions activity

Expeditions (photographer, moviemaker & climber)

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