Studio Stock photography Workshop, 2 July 2016 – Zurich

With almost 12 years experience in the stock photography industry as the first editor of Stock Agency,  Stelian Pavalache will bring  youvaluable information and  techniques for the entire photographic process, management and legal.


Fee :  225.00 CHF

The popularisation of small businesses and personal websites offers the photographer a large and potentially lucrative pool of clients. However, small businesses usually mean small budgets. How can the photographer reach these clients, and how can these small budgets be conciliated with the photographer’s higher production costs?

Stock photography offers the solution. Yet, many photographers fail to explore this market.

This workshop introduces you to the world of stock photography and to the financial benefits of investing time to shoot theme based photographs. And tap into an unlimited source of income. The focus of the workshop is on microstock. By the end of the two days you have the tools and knowledge to begin submitting your own photographs to Stock Agencies & Image Libraries .
  • Types of licenses
  • Increase the commercial value of your work
  • Commercial composition techniques
  • Technical tips to maximise usability of your files
  • Workflow techniques
  • Key-wording and captioning images correctly
  • Model and property releases
  • Understanding the inspection process
  • Common rejection reasons and how to avoid them
  • Time saving uploading tools and strategies
  • Going full-time: market strategies
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